A globally diverse portfolio of injectable technologies

At Galderma, we are proud pioneers. We have a diverse portfolio of injectable technologies. This means that we can meet individual patient aspirations and supply healthcare practitioners with the right tools to provide a comprehensive treatment approach. Our ambition is to continue to develop innovative aesthetic solutions that live up to or exceed patients’ expectations.

We constantly strive for a higher standard. We have a strong heritage built on over two decades of aesthetic innovation, with experience from over 100 million treatments worldwide1.  As a company rooted in science, we have hundreds of scientific papers published, contributing to a well established patient safety record. All our aesthetics products are manufactured in Europe.

Galderma aesthetics with Restylane for a diverse range of products

Over 100

million treatments worldwide2

A diverse portfolio of injectable technologies


years of aesthetic innovation

Pioneering aesthetics  treatments

From the start, innovation has been at the heart of everything we do. At Galderma, we help patients realize their own individual beauty goals by continously developing new technologies and techniques that are clinically proven and effective. We deliver decades of research and development, the most referenced clinical studies and hundreds of scientific papers published contributing to a strong patient safety record with over 100 million treatments worldwide.

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Pioneering aesthetics  treatments
Galderma aesthetics with Restylane pioneering aesthetic treatments


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