When taking a selfie or catching your reflection,
you want to see a shape that reflects who you are

If your desired facial shape isn’t being reflected, the answer may lie in your chin1–3

As we age, we lose definition and structure in the chin, and this can also impact facial shape. This can leave you looking less like yourself1–4

Your facial shape can be influenced by genetics, which determine your facial structure.
A double chin, weak chin, or sagging jawline can detract from  your overall look1,3

Woman laughing with head tilted back and man biting her chin highlighting well-defined chin and jawline


Experience Restylane® SHAYPE - an innovative hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable for shaping the chin.5,6 A non-surgical treatment that provides definition to your chin to help you achieve your desired look with the closest to skin's own hyaluronic acid.5–9



Restylane® SHAYPE provides immediate and long-lasting results.2,7,10±

It is used to improve contours and balance your facial shape — whether soft and slimming or strong and square.1–3,5


Restylane SHAYPE study data infographic: 97% Patient Recommendation, 91% Aesthetic Improvements at 12 Months


With The Shayping Technique from Restylane®

Highlight your contours and balance your facial shape with The Shayping Technique™2,4,12

A holistic treatment approach using three hyaluronic acid injectables, each designed differently to help enhance your chin, jawline and/or cheeks, and can provide tailored results.4,9,13–17

Restylane SHAYPE Logo

Can provide distinct shape to your chin2,4,5,9,13

Restylane LYFT Logo

Can lift your cheeks9,13–19

Restylane DEFYNE Logo

Can soften the shadows from the corner of your mouth 4,9,13,14,16



See the difference with The Shayping Technique from Restylane®

Individual results may vary

After photos taken 2 weeks after treatment

Before profile view of Asian woman with weak chin and after view of improved chin projection and contours

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Our portfolio of products

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Refresh your skin from within with a boost of hyaluronic acid, for a refreshed and vibrant long-lasting look.



Renew the structure of your skin with a collagen stimulator that gradually builds the foundation of the youthful-looking, firmer you.


HA, hyaluronic acid; NASHA HD, Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid High Definition.

* Based on a 12-month randomised study to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Restylane SHAYPE for augmentation and correction if retrusion in the chin region. The primary objective of the study was to demonstrate superiority of Restylane SHAYPE vs. no-treatment for augmentation and correction of retrusion in the chin region (140 patients).2

† Patients who said they “agree” or “strongly agree” with question.2

± Individual results may vary. Talk to your healthcare professional to find out if Restylane® SHAYPE is right for you.

§ As assessed by the Subject Satisfaction Questionnaire over the 12-month study period (patients responded to the question at time points from Month 3 to Month 12).2


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