Discover how patients achieved their look, their way

Carma’s Journey  

31-year-old Carma has struggled with heavy acne scarring, impacting her confidence in different ways. Eager to free up her mornings by minimizing make up application time, Carma embarks on a journey with Restylane® Skinboosters™. Discover how she takes matters into her own hands.

Patient Journey Carma

Lewis’s Journey  

For a long time, Lewis has envisioned his ideal facial appearance. Lacking confidence with his profile and jawline, he admits that he has hidden behind a beard. Now, at 30 years old, he’s ready to reclaim his confidence. Discover his journey with Restylane®.

Lewis's Journey

Emily’s Journey  

As 23-year-old Emily embarks on a new life chapter, she opts for an aesthetic consultation to explore enhancing her appearance. Emily is keen to strike a balance between a natural yet noticeable look. Discover if her desires were achieved with a Restylane® treatment.

Emily's Journey


Kay Tian’s journey  

Kay Tian has long contemplated lip enhancement. A childhood dog attack left her self-conscious from scarring, and she’s been bothered by her lip thickness. Finding a treatment that is suitable for her Asian skin is crucial for her too. Discover her journey with Restylane®.

Kay Tian's Journey

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