Will lips feel natural or not with HA lip fillers?

Galderma | Article | Will lips feel natural or not with HA lip fillers?

Aesthetic treatments with hyaluronic acid lip fillers, or in short HA lip fillers, have become a common aesthetic treatment. Many people want a natural-looking result from their treatment, like in the images shown here. But one thing images can’t show is how the lips feel afterwards. Is it possible to keep both a natural look and feel with HA lip fillers? Let’s find out. 

Many requirements on HA lip fillers

Few have missed that you can get big and dramatic lips with lip fillers. Today, many also know that you can use lip fillers to fine-tune the shape and volume of the lips you already have.1 One example can be seen in the images above where the lips have been treated with Restylane® Kysse™ to add a little bit of extra volume and shape.  

However, it’s not just about the visual aspects. 

- Many people are anxious to keep a natural feel to the lips.1 How can you make sure the lips will feel like “ordinary lips” after the treatment, for example when you kiss your partner? 

- Another thing is durability. HA lip fillers aren’t permanent and that is one of the positive things with them; if you want to change the look of your lips, perhaps add a bit more definition after some time, you can easily do that. Still, many prefer fillers that last at least for some months. But do they really last that long?

- One more thing is safety and side effects. What is injected into the lips and is it reasonably safe to use? 

Read below what the manufacturers have done to create the best possible lip filler gels. 

Why use hyaluronic acid, HA, in lip fillers?

Hyaluronic acid has become a common ingredient in both medical products and skincare, for many reasons. One of its functions in the body is to bind water and lubricate movable parts, such as muscles and joints. Its tissue-friendliness makes it an excellent moisturizer in skincare products and it has even been described as “nature’s own moisturizer”.2

What is more, hyaluronic acid is biocompatible, biodegradable3 and doesn’t cause immune reactions. These are important reasons why it is also considered a good material to use in fillers.

Creating a durable filler gel

The natural hyaluronic acid found in the body forms and degrades in a few days. To make it last longer in fillers, manufacturers use technologies to cross-link the hyaluronic acid molecules to each other. 

The result is a gel that, once injected, provides a result lasting between 3 and 24 months.3

Creating a gel with the right properties for lips

However, the right HA lip filler gel must not just last for some months. To provide a natural look and feel it must also be fairly soft, since lips are soft. Yet, it must be firm enough to keep a round and plump shape. It wouldn’t be so great if the filler would just flat out and create flat lips. The ideal gel would also make the lips feel like natural lips after the treatment. 

The only way of establishing whether an HA lip filler gel has the right properties is to test it.  

Durability, look and feel of Restylane Kysse

The lip filler already mentioned, Restylane Kysse, has been carefully tested to establish its efficacy and safety profile. Here are results from two studies: 

Study 1: Natural look and lip fullness

In this study 96% of patients agreed their lips had a natural look after lip injections with Restylane Kysse. 64% were still satisfied with their lip fullness 12 months after the treatment.5

All participants treated with Restylane Kysse in this study said they would recommend the treatment to a friend.5

The scientists also documented side effects. The most common side effects were swelling, bruising and tenderness.5 Most were mild or moderate and had resolved within 14 days. A few experienced redness, pain and itching that resolved within approximately one month.

Study 2: Kissability study 

Here the “kissability” of Restylane Kysse was investigated. Moreover, the partners of those treated were asked to share their opinions about the treatment results. 

Also in this study, 96% of participants agreed their lips had a natural look after the treatment.

When the participants were asked about the feel of their lips, 94% agreed that their lips had a smooth, sensuous feel after the treatment and 98% were satisfied with the kissability of their lips. 

When the partners were asked about their opinions, 90% said they were satisfied with the look of the lips of their loved ones. 73% even agreed that the lips had a more kissable and natural feel after the treatment!1

Side effects were carefully documented in the study. All treatment related adverse events were non-serious and almost all of them (96%) were mild.1 

Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner

If you are considering having your lips treated with HA lip fillers, make sure to consult a qualified healthcare practitioner. 



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