Dos and don’ts before and after your aesthetic treatment

Galderma and Restylane, the process of aesthetic treatments

When investing in facial aesthetic treatments, of course we want the best results. If possible, we would also like to avoid potential side effects. So, what can we do to improve our chances of being happy with the treatment? Here’s some general advice on dos and don’ts before and after your aesthetic treatment. 


Dos before your aesthetic treatment

Think through what you want to achieve

What is your goal for the treatment? Is it to look younger, to get more hydrated skin or to enhance a specific facial feature? Or is it something else entirely?

When it comes to facial aesthetics treatments, there are often several treatment options to achieve a certain goal, so it’s good to spend some time thinking this through.

If you want a younger look, is it about having less apparent wrinkles, firmer skin, or a bit more volume in the cheeks? Or all of it? When you think about it, it’s not always evident.


Do your research

Once you know what you want to achieve, do your research! Read about facial aesthetic treatments so that you are aware of what’s available.


Choose the right clinic

Part of the research is to find the right clinic. Make sure to turn to a clinic where the healthcare practitioners have the right qualifications and training for performing aesthetic treatments.


Follow the advice from your healthcare practitioner

When you book an aesthetic treatment, your healthcare practitioner may give you certain pre-treatment advice, for example regarding medication and food supplements. Make sure to follow the advice diligently!


Spend time on the consultation

Once you have booked an appointment, you will start with a consultation with your healthcare practitioner. Make sure to spend time on the consultation so that the healthcare practitioner understands your worries, concerns, and aspirations. 


Don’ts before your aesthetic treatment

Don’t rush into a treatment

If it doesn’t feel right, take some time to think things through. Facial aesthetic treatments, even if most of them are minimally invasive, can still lead to side effects. You must consider both the risks and the benefits of the treatment.


Don’t drink alcohol the day before your aesthetic treatment

As already mentioned, facial aesthetic treatments can have side effects. Make sure you are in good health and don’t drink alcohol before your treatment. Also reconsider rebooking your treatment if you don’t feel well.


Don’t do it for the wrong reasons

Facial aesthetic treatments should be something you do for yourself and not because you are influenced by trends or pressure from social media and friends. 


Dos after your aesthetic treatment

Follow post treatment guidelines from your healthcare practitioner

Your healthcare practitioner will likely give you post treatment guidelines after your aesthetic treatment. Make sure to follow them thoroughly to get the best result and to reduce the risk of side effects.


Apply a cold pack/ice pack

Sometimes you will be asked to apply a cold pack or ice pack to reduce potential swelling. Make sure you don’t put ice directly onto your skin.


Massage if necessary

For some facial aesthetic treatments, it’s important to massage the treated area. If your healthcare practitioner advises you to do this, make sure you follow the guidelines properly and don’t forget about it, as it could affect the result of the treatment. 


Don’ts after your aesthetic treatment

Don’t expose the treated area to the sun or to a UV lamp

Most facial aesthetic treatments affect the skin surface, even if it’s just a prick with a needle. It’s therefore important to avoid exposing the treated area to the sun or a UV lamp for some time after the treatment.


Don’t expose the treated area to extreme temperatures

Facial aesthetic treatments, whether it’s fillers, peels, lasers and so on, cause a trauma to the skin. Therefore, you will likely be asked to avoid extreme temperatures, such as saunas, and let the skin take its time to heal.


Don’t do any strenuous exercise

Since many facial aesthetic treatments are minimally invasive, you can usually resume your normal daily activities after the treatment. However, you will probably be asked to avoid strenuous exercise for the next day or so.


Don’t use makeup directly after the treatment

Your skin surface has probably been affected in some way and you should therefore avoid applying makeup directly after the treatment. After a day or so you might want to use makeup to cover potential bruising.


Most importantly

The most important thing you can do to maximize your chances of a great treatment experience is to consult a qualified healthcare practitioner who you feel comfortable with.