Close your beauty book for 2021 and set up goals for 2022

Dec 8 2021

Close your beauty book for 2021 and set up goals for 2022

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Now it’s time to close our beauty books for 2021 and look forward to 2022. Before we set up goals for the new year it’s time to evaluate how we spent our beauty budget in 2021. Many of us have never really calculated our yearly spending on all beauty categories, such as nails, eyebrows, hair, skincare products, facials, and different kinds of aesthetic treatments. Even if we aspire for natural beauty, it can be quite expensive.

When we actually sit down and try to estimate what we spend, this can be an eye-opener.

Are we spending money on the right things?

Are we spending money on things that really matter to us? Have we achieved what we wanted in terms of enhancing our natural beauty? Are we spending a disproportionate amount on certain categories? Are we spending money on things that don’t work for us?

Maybe you discover that you’re spending too much. Or that you spend money in a way that isn’t very environmentally friendly even if natural beauty is what you want.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals:


Step 1: Decide on your beauty budget

The first step is to decide how much you actually want to spend on beauty.


Step 2: Allocate your budget

When this is decided, how would you like to allocate your beauty budget next year? Which treatments will best fulfill your strongest aspirations?


Step 3: Are your goals realistic?

When you set your goals for next year it’s also high time to reflect on whether you have unrealistic goals.

Many images and videos on social media and in magazines are heavily photoshopped. It’s not realistic to try to achieve what we see in these images and videos. A better goal is to be the best version of ourselves, and respect and care for our unique, natural beauty.


Step 4: Can you afford the beauty treatments of your dreams?

Some of us may have dreamed about having more expensive beauty treatments but have concluded that we can’t afford them. However, when evaluating how much you actually spend, maybe you realize that you can shift budget from some areas, that in reality aren’t that important, to be able to afford the treatment of your dreams.


Step 5: Consult a professional if you are unsure

We may have specific beauty goals such as looking rested and fresh, or looking younger or having firmer skin, but don’t really know what treatment will give the best result. In these cases, a qualified healthcare practitioner can help guide you and recommend which treatments will give the best result. Many clinics offer consultations that are free of charge.

A professional healthcare practitioner can also guide you to treatments that enhance your natural beauty, so you don’t look overdone or fake.


Step 6: Discuss your budget

When you seek consultation, it’s very important to also discuss your budget with the healthcare practitioner. This helps the healthcare practitioner to develop an individualized treatment plan that will give you the best possible results and that will also stay within your budget. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss your budget. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for the healthcare practitioner to recommend treatments.


Step 7: Always consult professionals

If you seek professional help, remember to always seek out a clinic with good credentials and qualified healthcare practitioners.

So, close your beauty book and turn over a new leaf in the right way:

  • Evaluate your spending in 2021
  • Set up new goals for 2022
  • Have realistic goals in mind and respect your natural beauty
  • Always consult qualified healthcare practitioners
  • Book a consultation

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