Find the right filler treatment for you

Galderma and Restylane: Finding the right filler treatment for you

Many people who choose to have a filler treatment want the result to look natural. They don’t want others to see that they’ve had an aesthetic treatment at all, just that they look refreshed and youthful. There are also those who want more noticeable results. So how can you get a filler treatment that feels right for you?


A filler treatment is your own choice

Some of us may feel pressure from people around us, and society at large, that it’s shameful to want to change, not least when it comes to aesthetic treatments such as fillers. However, we all have the right to make our own choices in life and that also applies to our appearance. 

Fillers are a versatile tool that can be used in many ways; they are maybe one of the most versatile aesthetic treatments out there. Here are examples of what fillers can be used for, which can help you find the right filler treatment for you.


Look younger

Many people seek filler treatments because they want to look younger or refreshed. As is well known, fillers are often used to fill lines and wrinkles. 

We also tend to lose facial volume with age, for example in the cheek area and lips.1,2 Fillers can be used to restore lost volume in different parts of the face. Softer fillers can add soft volume in areas like the cheeks, whereas firmer fillers can be used to help support and improve projection.1

A good idea is to consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if you want to look younger. You might think that you want a filler treatment for a specific wrinkle, but a qualified healthcare practitioner can provide expert advice on how to reach your goal in a way that is tailored to your unique looks. 

Remember though that it’s always you who decides what treatment you want, or if you don’t want a treatment after the consultation. 


Look less tired or sad 

Fillers can be used to treat areas of the face that make people think they look tired, such as the under-eye area.3 So-called hollow eyes or sunken eyes have several causes; one of them is a lack or loss of volume under the eye.4 A filler treatment can lift and smoothen the area, for a refreshed look.5

Downward-pointing corners of the mouth may sometimes lead to a sad appearance. Fillers can also be used in this area to reduce these types of wrinkles. 

A qualified healthcare practitioner can advise on what type of treatment or treatments can help provide a more rested or happier look in each individual case. Again, remember that it’s you who decides whether you should have a treatment and what kind of treatment that is. 


Enhance your unique beauty

Fillers can be used to treat specific facial features to enhance the beauty that is already there and to fine-tune your look the way you want it. A typical example is a filler treatment to get fuller lips. 

If you want to enhance your facial features it’s good to remember not to be influenced too much by trends or celebrities. Trends come and go and images of celebrities on social media are often retouched. A much better starting point is your own unique looks and to fine-tune your own inherent beauty. 


Enhance facial symmetry

Enhancing facial symmetry is maybe not the first thing that people think of when they think about filler treatments. However, fillers can be used to enhance symmetry by treating specific areas of the face. 

All of us have facial asymmetries, meaning that the two halves of our face don’t look exactly the same. It could be that the lips have a different shape on the left and right side, that the shape and volume of the cheeks differ, or that certain wrinkles look different. 

Facial asymmetries give our face character and add to our unique looks and charm. However, if you are bothered by asymmetries, a filler treatment can reduce them by adding volume to certain areas of the face. Explain to the healthcare practitioner what result you are looking for and he or she will help you.  


Enhance facial balance

What is facial balance? It’s actually up to each and every one of us to define what we think is a balanced face. There is often talk about certain beauty ideals, but the ideals tend to change so there is no general definition. 

However, we can have our own ideas of what we think is a balanced face, and some of us may want to enhance balance with a filler treatment. We might think that our lips could be a bit bigger to match the rest of the face. Or that we might want to add some more volume in our cheeks to match our chin or nose. 

Again, remember that trends come and go and it’s best not to get fixated on trendy looks. Stay true to you and your unique looks and have that in mind if you consider a filler treatment to enhance balance. 


Explain what you want from your filler treatment

Skilled healthcare practitioners can tailor filler treatments to each and every person. Make sure to thoroughly explain what it is that you want from the treatment, so you get the result you desire. 

Moreover, you can always say no to treatment if you don’t feel comfortable after the consultation. 



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