How to get an aesthetic treatment tailored to you

How to get an aesthetic treatment tailored to you

How to get an aesthetic treatment tailored to you

People who seek personal changes, not least when it comes to their looks, can feel that they are being judged for it. Even those who seek help for skin disorders can have the feeling that they are being vain.1 However, everyone has the right to evolve and that includes having aesthetic treatments. For the vast majority of us it’s not about trying to look like a celebrity but about choosing something that feels right and that is tailored to us. 

A common perception is that you should accept yourself as you are and that also applies to your appearance. Those who want to change their looks, for example with aesthetic treatments, can be met with prejudice. 


People with skin disorders at risk of developing psychological problems

Unfortunately, our looks can have a significant impact on our self-esteem. One group that is particularly at risk are people with skin disorders. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology and other expert groups, people with skin disorders can suffer from depression as a result of their skin problems. Among American adults with psoriasis 5% have suicidal thoughts, three times the rate of the general population. Other psychosocial side effects are feelings of anger, frustration, and lack of confidence.1

In an article published in Psychology Today some years ago, Harvard Medical School psychologist Dr. Ted Grossbart wrote that “many of my patients beat up on themselves for their vanity”.1 This points to the fact that our society is so judgmental that even people with obvious skin problems feel bad when it affects them emotionally.


Make choices that are right for you

As a society, we shouldn’t push for vanity, but we shouldn’t be judgmental either. People with skin problems shouldn’t feel that they are being vain when they feel depressed or when they seek help. 

Also, those of us who don’t suffer from skin diseases have the right to make choices that are right for us, in life and when it comes to aesthetic treatments, without being judged. Of course, we shouldn’t promote dangerous treatments or unrealistic ideals. But we should respect people’s integrity and individual choices. 

When we choose to change and realize our potential, either in life or aesthetics, it’s important that we are our own best inspiration. It shouldn’t be about looking or living like a particular celebrity. 


Aesthetic treatments tailored to you

Many people who consider aesthetic treatments aren’t even looking for very drastic changes. They may want to refresh their skin or make certain wrinkles and lines less visible. Some want to fine-tune facial details. Maybe their lips are a bit uneven, or the cheek volume looks a bit different on the two sides of the face. 

Others want to recreate a bit of lost volume due to aging whereas some want to improve facial balance or contours with fillers, but without making them look totally different. 

Trends come and go, also when it comes to looks and aesthetic treatments. To be satisfied with the results a better idea is to enhance your own beauty – to be the best version of you. Basically, when we seek aesthetic treatments, the treatment should be tailored to us. But how can we make sure that’s what we’ll get?


Seek professional expertise

First and foremost, make sure you consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if you are considering aesthetic treatments. They have the right training, meaning that they know about treatment risks and whether a certain procedure can be done or not in your particular case. They also have expertise in analyzing facial anatomy and skin quality, which helps them tailor the treatment to each individual. 

Also, a qualified healthcare practitioner can recommend what treatment or treatments that will help provide the result you desire. New types of aesthetic treatments are constantly being developed. 

Moreover, treatments that have existed for many years are being improved too – innovation hasn’t stopped! For example, when it comes to fillers there are nowadays fillers with different gel characteristics. There are soft and flexible fillers for creating soft volume in for example the lips or cheeks. There are also firmer fillers for creating structure and enhancing facial contours. 

Even if you have a clear idea of what treatment you want, it’s always a good idea to listen to the experts. Maybe the healthcare practitioner can suggest a treatment that will suit you even better? 


Think through what you really want

To get a treatment that is tailored to you, it’s also important to carefully think through what result you want. Do you want a dramatic change or something more subtle? What do you want the result to look like? Do you want to change a particular facial feature? Or do you want to feel refreshed or reduce signs of aging? Or get sharper or softer facial features? 

Before your treatment you will always have a consultation with the healthcare practitioner. Explain exactly what it is that you want. You can also bring photos or images that help explain what you desire. You should also think through what you are prepared to spend on your aesthetic treatment and discuss your budget with the healthcare practitioner.

Most importantly: Make sure that you and the healthcare practitioner really understand each other before the treatment. And you don’t have to say yes to a treatment. If things don’t feel totally right after the consultation, you can say no. 


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