How to get natural looking results from aesthetic treatments

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How to get natural looking results from aesthetic treatments 

Many who are considering aesthetic treatments worry that they will look fake afterwards. Some also worry that they will be judged by others if they resort to facial aesthetics. No one should be judged however; it’s up to you to decide your looks. Also, many aesthetic treatments are about small “tweakments”. Usually, people can’t even tell that someone has had a treatment; they just think the person looks refreshed. Below is a review of some of the tweaks that aesthetic treatments such as a filler treatment can do. 


What is a tweakment?

If you put together the words “tweak” and “treatment” you have a tweakment. Tweakments are small adjustments that can enhance your natural beauty and make you feel like the best version of yourself, without distorting your looks. Here’s how filler treatments and other aesthetic treatments can be used for tweakments: 


Improved cheek volume

We’ve all seen celebrities who’ve had lots of fillers in their cheeks. Such obvious aesthetic treatments might look a bit unnatural to many of us. However, a filler can be used in a more nuanced way to fine-tune cheek volume. A small tweakment can provide a subtle and natural looking effect. 


Reduced lines and wrinkles

There are many types of facial aesthetics procedures to reduce lines and wrinkles, for example lasers and peels. Other commonly used aesthetic treatments are of course fillers. 

Nowadays there are fillers with different gel characteristics, from firm to very soft and flexible. A firmer filler can be used to give more support and fill deeper wrinkles. A very soft and flexible filler can be used to treat more superficial lines and wrinkles in areas that move a lot, for example wrinkles and lines around the mouth (such as “smoker’s lines”).1 Healthcare practitioners know what type of filler to use to create a natural looking result.


Improved facial contours

It’s not just the cheeks that can be treated with a filler. These types of aesthetic treatments can also be used to reshape or enhance other areas, such as the chin. Instead of a massive change, a small tweakment, adding an extra millimeter here or there, can improve facial contours in a natural-looking way. 

If you want to fine-tune the contours of your face, consult a qualified healthcare practitioner and he or she will help choose a facial aesthetics treatment that can fulfill your wishes. 


Get more voluptuous and defined lips

Lip fillers are among the most obvious facial aesthetics procedures. Many people who want to change the shape of their lips, or add a bit of volume, worry that they will end up with “duck lips”. However, there’s no need to fear. If you consult a qualified healthcare practitioner, he or she will create the lip shape you want. The aesthetic treatments will simply be tailored to you, otherwise the clinic will lose its customers! 


Improved facial balance

Some of us may think that our face isn’t very balanced, for example that the nose is too big or that the lips are too thin to match the rest of the face. Also, basically all of us have facial asymmetries, such as lines and wrinkles that look different on the two halves of our face, or cheek volume that differs between cheeks, or that the sides of the chin have a different shape. 

However, we still want to look like ourselves, so we don’t want any aesthetic treatments to make us look totally different. Small tweakments, for example with a filler in different areas of the face, can refine our features while keeping our natural looks. This is a sophisticated way of using facial aesthetics and healthcare practitioners know how to do it. 


Restoring lost volume

As we get older, we tend to lose some of the volume in our face. This is due to loss of facial fat as well as bone resorption. The loss of volume is often visible in the mid-face.2

There are several different types of facial aesthetics procedures that can be used to restore lost volume. The most obvious aesthetic treatments in this case are of course fillers. A firm filler can be used to recreate structure in the mid-face.3 Make sure however that you consult a qualified healthcare practitioner who knows how to treat age-related changes. 


Reducing dark circles under the eyes

Hollow eyes or sunken eyes can make us look tired. Both young and old can also have hollow eyes so it’s not only an age-related issue. 

If you’re very bothered by hollow eyes and think that creams and concealers don’t give you the result you want, there are aesthetic treatments that can help. A tear trough filler can be used to fill the area under the eyes. A targeted filler for the tear trough is Restylane® EYELIGHT™.4 As with all previously mentioned filler treatments, it’s important to use a suitable filler gel. Restylane® has a variety of gels for different indications.


Boosting skin radiance

Facial aesthetics procedures that help improve skin radiance don’t alter your facial features.5 They just help refresh your skin. There’s a plethora of different kinds of aesthetic treatments for the skin, not just lasers and peels. Skinboosters, such as Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™, is a type of treatment where micro droplets of hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin. Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ has been shown to improve skin hydration, elasticity and radiance for several months.5-8


Improved hydration for hands

Sometimes we feel we have issues in other areas than our face, such as the hands. With age, the skin on our hands can become dry, and tendons and veins can become more visible. Luckily, there are aesthetic treatments that can be used also on the hands. A skinbooster treatment, such as Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™, can help improve skin hydration and a study has also shown that patients thought the treatment made tendons and veins less visible.8] The results have been shown to last for several months.


Aesthetic treatments tailored to you

The treatment options mentioned above are some of the tweakments that can be used to enhance your appearance in a natural-looking way. Remember to always consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if you are considering aesthetic treatments.  

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