How a well-defined jawline makes you look younger

Galderma aesthetics and Restylane - How filler injections, lip fillers and cheek fillers can focus on adding volume

For many years, aesthetic treatments with filler injections have focused on adding volume to the lips and cheeks. The lower part of the face has almost been neglected. In the last few years however, this part of our face has gained more focus. Signs of aging can be very pronounced in the lower face – not least the jawline.

Minimal-invasive aesthetic treatments for the jawline

The advancements in aesthetic treatments have led to new opportunities to address the facial shape and bone structure without surgery. A weak jawline, or a sagging jawline, can now be treated with minimal-invasive treatments such as a jawline filler to help you look younger and maintain your natural beauty.

A sharp jawline is associated with youthfulness

There are several reasons why the jawline has come into focus. Firstly, a sharp jawline is a beauty ideal among many women and men. Many younger people today ask for jawline fillers even though they do not have any signs of aging. It is more about fine tuning their looks and bringing out their full beauty potential.

Secondly, a sharp jawline is associated with a youthful appearance. A less defined or sagging jawline is related to older age. With aging, the jawline often loses its sharpness, due to bone resorption as well as a loss of volume higher up in the face.

Moreover, the increased focus on the lower part of our face is about balance and personalization. Too much focus on the midface in aesthetic treatments can give an unbalanced face. The shape of the jawline and chin can make a big difference on our overall appearance.

The effects of aging on the jawline

The most typical effect that aging has on the jawline is that we get a less defined or sagging jawline with time. One reason is bone resorption, as mentioned above. The bones in the face give support and determine the appearance of the face. With aging, especially when you turn 50, bone resorption increases. This is normally visible in the jawline, as the angle of the jawline – or the posterior part of the lower jaw – becomes less defined.

Jowling is another cause of a sagging jawline. Jowling is a complex problem that is caused by several things that are mainly related to gravity, in combination with a less firm and elastic skin. Fat pads in the cheeks descend to the lower part of the face and fall below the jawline. Combined with bone resorption in the posterior part of the lower jaw and stretched skin, the result is a sagging jawline that has lost its sharpness.

Effects of aging on the jawline:

Bone resorption, especially at the posterior part of the lower jaw

Lose skin

Fat pads in the cheeks descending below the jawline

Aesthetic treatments with filler injections can address a sagging jawline

The advancements of aesthetic treatments mean that a sagging jawline can now be treated with a jawline filler. Not too long ago, jaw enhancement was a major procedure that required surgery. Today, you can regain a sharp jawline with a much safer and minimal-invasive dermal filler. This also means that you can maintain your youthful appearance with only minor aesthetic treatments.

Jowling is, as mentioned, a more complex problem, but even jowling can now be corrected without surgery in many cases. Dermal fillers with a firmer or harder gel can be a used as jawline fillers. By also adding structure and volume with filler injections in the temples and cheekbones, jowling can be corrected and the patient can regain a more youthful look.

Differences between men and women

All aesthetic treatments are about individual preferences. In the end, it is your idea of beauty that is important. But if you are considering an aesthetic treatment for your jawline, it could be interesting to know that there are differences between men and women in terms of the shape of the jawline. A sharp jawline is seen as attractive in both men and women and gives the appearance of youthfulness. However, men in general have faces with more angles whereas as women have softer facial features. Men also have broader jaws and chins whereas women typically have a heart-shaped face.

Lasting results

To summarize, with dermal fillers you can maintain a well-defined jawline that makes you look younger, by using only minimal-invasive aesthetic procedures, with results that last for about 6 months to 2 years.