How to take care of your lips after a lip filler treatment

How to take care of your lips after a lip filler treatment


After a lip filler treatment, you should take care of your lips to ensure a long-lasting result and prevent any unnecessary swelling or discomfort.                         
Italian Aesthetic Physician Michela Zazzaron is a frequent speaker at international congresses in aesthetic medicine. She is also a teacher in injection techniques and non-invasive rejuvenation programs. Here is her best advice on how to take care of your lips after a filler treatment. 


Gentle massage            

1.  Give your lips a very gentle massage. Imagine that you are making Italian pasta using a “mattarello”, a rolling pin. Gently press your lips between your thumbs and forefingers and roll your lips between your fingers. Massage your lips 2-3 days after having a lip injection.            


Natural herb balm            

2.  After the treatment, Michela Zazzaron applies a topical balm containing arnica to the treated area. Arnica is a natural herb that grows mainly in Europe and Siberia and has traditionally been used to reduce swelling and pain. She recommends applying arnica for 2-3 days after a lip injection.   



3.  Michela also suggests the use of an ice pack for a few days after treatment to reduce any swelling or discomfort.             

You will normally see the final result of your lip filler treatment after one or two weeks.