Cheek fillers: Do you also fear an “overfilled” look?

Cheek fillers: Do you also fear an “overfilled” look?

Contouring with fillars

A common reason for having filler treatments is to look youthful and refreshed.1 At the same time, many consumers fear cheek fillers because they believe they will end up looking “overfilled” or “chubby”.1 Healthcare practitioners on the other hand think that treating the cheeks can have a profound effect on the rest of the face and can help correct for other issues, such as lost volume under the eyes or nasolabial folds.1 Who is right? Is it possible to have a treatment with cheek fillers without looking “done”?


The fear of looking strange with cheek fillers

Treating the cheeks with cheek fillers is simply not on the radar for many consumers, having seen celebrities they think look strange after filler treatments.1 This is what a consumer said in a survey  in the United States some time ago:1

“I think we have all seen, mainly celebrities, that they look completely different. They don’t look like themselves. Then you can tell they overdid it. They did too much, or it doesn’t look natural.”

Cheek Filler Considerer, 40-59


The fear of getting very big cheeks with cheek fillers

Other consumers worry that a cheek augmentation will lead to very big cheeks:1

“There were some pictures I saw of Madonna; they were just outrageous. I think there is a fine line between being overly filled and filled just right. So to me, it’s a natural look I would be going for. Just to replace what used to be there when I was younger.”

Current Cheek Filler User, 40-59


The fear of looking chubby or fat with cheek fillers

The US survey also showed that a common fear about cheek fillers is looking chubby or fat afterwards:1

“Another thing people are scared of is looking chubby, because they think they’re going to look fat if they get fillers in their face, which is not necessarily true. It depends on the contours that you create. I show before and after pictures of people and actually your face can look more chubby without fillers, because it’s collapsing and you don’t have a shape, versus when you actually shape the cheeks, you look more youthful, and you can create a slimmer contour.”



Cheek augmentation or rejuvenating the face?

Whereas many consumers think that cheek fillers are mostly about cheek augmentation, healthcare practitioners often see it as a means to rejuvenate the face by replacing lost volume and contours. Many of them see the mid-face as being the foundation of the rest of the face. Here are two comments from the same survey:1

“The mid-face is the structural support for the rest of the face. The way I describe it is, if you’re going to build a house you put your foundation in first. The mid- face is the foundation.” Dermatologist

“I think when most people think of cheek injections, they’re thinking cheek augmentation. I don’t think that they’re thinking it’s going to rejuvenate the face.” Plastic Surgeon


How to avoid looking “done” with cheek fillers

So who is right? The consumers or the healthcare practitioners? It actually depends on what result you are looking for.

The reason why there are celebrities and other people looking “done” or “overfilled” is generally not because of failed treatments. They have simply asked for that type of look. If you don’t want an “overfilled” look, you can just say so to your healthcare practitioner and he or she will adjust the treatment to your wishes.

Your healthcare practitioner can also explain how a treatment with cheek fillers may rejuvenate your face, in a natural-looking way, without a massive cheek augmentation.

This is why the consultation before the treatment is so important. Take time to explain what result you want, and what you don’t want. The practitioners want happy customers so you can rest assured they will listen to your wishes and needs.


What do consumers think who have had cheek filler treatments?

Here are some comments from the survey from consumers who have had cheek fillers and why they appreciate the result:1

“If the cheeks go down, it feels like my whole face goes down. It just really gives that youthful look and really just supports my entire face.” Current Cheek Filler User, 40-59

“I feel like when your cheeks are full and flush, you come across as more hopeful and looking toward the future. Cheeks are like the youth; the future ahead is bright.” Current Cheek Filler User, 40-59

“My favorite procedure was, I had some cheek filler put in, Restylane. I had lost a chunk of weight, so that kind of made my face melt a little bit, so kind of lifted up a bit. I see a difference, I feel a difference, and I feel like myself." Current Cheek Filler User, 40-59


If you are considering a cheek filler treatment or a cheek augmentation, make sure you consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.


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