Is a nose job the best way to improve facial harmony?

Is a nose job the best way to improve facial harmony?

Is a nose job the best way to improve facial harmony?

Many people are bothered by their nose. They think their nose is too big or that it has a shape that doesn’t match the rest of the face. Today, nose fillers can be used to adjust or fine-tune the shape of the nose. But is a nose job with a nose filler the best option? Quite often there are other things that can be done to improve facial harmony.


What nose jobs can be done with a nose filler?

The nose gives character to the face. This can also lead to us becoming fixated on our nose. Is it too big? Does it have a strange shape? Should I have surgery to fix my nose?

Today, a nose job doesn’t have to involve surgery. Nose fillers can often be used instead to adjust the shape of the nose. A nose job with fillers can even make the nose look smaller. Indentations on the nose can cast shadows that make the nose look bigger. When these indentations are filled with a nose filler, the nose will become more even and that often makes the nose look smaller. Also, nose fillers can be used to shape a straight nose ridge, which can also have the effect of making the nose look smaller and less prominent.


Is a nose job the best alternative?

As already mentioned, we can sometimes become fixated on our nose, and forget about the rest of our face. Whether the nose is too big or small is about personal taste, but also about other facial features. It could be that you have a nice nose with a nice shape, but you feel that your face doesn’t have the balance or harmony that you want. This has led you to become fixated on your nose and you may think that a nose job is the only solution.

Before you decide that a nose job is what you need to improve facial harmony, it’s a good idea to take a look at the rest of the face. A nose job with a nose filler is a fairly effortless way to change the shape of the nose but is a nose filler the best option or could another filler treatment have a better effect on facial harmony?


Adding soft volume to enhance feminine features

Maybe you think your nose is very sharp and prominent and it makes your face look masculine. In this case a nose job may not be the best option if you are looking for a more feminine face. Adding a little bit of soft volume in the cheeks with a filler could be an alternative to enhance the femininity of your face.

Another alternative to a nose job if you want a more feminine face is a filler treatment for the lips. A small amount of filler can be used to make your lips slightly bigger and more feminine. A lip filler can also be used to change the shape of the lips, for example the cupid’s bow, to a more feminine look.


Profile balancing with fillers

Perhaps you belong to those who think their nose sticks out too much and that it makes the profile look unbalanced. This can be adjusted with fillers, but not with a nose filler. Instead of a nose job, you can change your profile by adding a little bit of filler in the chin. Another way to change the profile that doesn’t involve a nose job is to add a little bit of extra volume in the lips. When your chin or lips stick out a little bit more, this will have a very noticeable effect on your profile.


Adjust for age-related changes with fillers

A typical change that comes with age is that we lose facial volume. We lose facial fat and on top of that, fat pads in the mid-face tend to descend somewhat, giving our face a different shape. Thinning of our skin also leads to a loss of facial volume.

Our nose is to a large extent made up of bone and cartilage and its shape doesn’t change very much over the years. When we lose facial volume and the skin becomes thinner, we may feel that we end up with a very angular and flat face with a prominent nose that sticks out. In this case, a nose job is usually not the best option to get back to a younger look. Instead of a nose job with a nose filler, filler treatments to restore facial volume are often a better alternative.


Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner

It can be quite difficult to imagine exactly what result you will get from a nose job with a nose filler or from other filler treatments. The best way to find out what kind of treatment will lead to the result you are looking for is to consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.

A qualified healthcare practitioner can inform you about different treatment alternatives and what results you can expect. He or she can explain what can be done with a nose filler as well as with other filler treatments to improve facial harmony and balance.


Want to know more?

If you still think a nose job with a nose filler is the best treatment alternative for you, this article can give you some more information about what can be done and what type of filler that should be used for nose jobs.